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Meet Daniel Smith

I can help you with:

Finding the Right Home

Land and Utility Set Up

Modular and Custom Homes

Finding Land for Your New Home

Custom Interior Packages

Customer Care after Sale

I have been in the housing business in one form or the other for over 15 years . Over this time period I have learned and still continue to learn something new and beneficial for my clients on a daily basis . I have been married over 10 years and we have 1 son and with this as my career choice family support is key to success. I am a person that strives for exceeding goals and doing what others say cant be done . My drive and competitive nature can be both a blessing and a curse . I am a former United States Marine and I do hold myself to higher standards than most . I believe that if you are going to do anything do it with 110% effort or don't do it at all . I live my life by that standard on a daily basis , both at home or at work . I define success much differently than I once did , success too me is being a role model for my son and solving problems others deem unsolvable , those are the things that push me to be a better man , husband , father and employee .

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(843) 513-6348